AUTOZULASSUNG.CH Umrüstung Prüfung Zulassung von Import-Fahrzeugen aus USA Kananda und EU Swiss Modifications Inspections and Registration of imported vehicles from USA Canada and Europe


Registering an imported vehicle from the USA and Matriculation of foreign vehicles in Switzerland

USA Imported Vehicles Modifications and Registration for Expatriates in all cantons of Switzerland

Homologation and Modifications of Self Imported cars (Individual Vehicle Approval)


We specialize in for Homologations, Modifications, Import Technical Inspections, Registration of EU-Import Autos, Canada und USA Import vehicles. What our clients say about us?

Are you going to import of your vehicle as an emigrations good?

In principal, you can import any car into Switzerland from USA, Canada and Europe etc…


What sort of modifications and requirements are needed to pass the US imported cars technical and safety inspection?

It is complex.  It depends on: The  make / model of the vehicle, first time registration (used cars), model year (New Cars), importing date, emissions, noise level, passengers safety protocol (European crash test standards)

USA and Canada Vehicles are not capable of being licensed in the Switzerland and need to be homologized must be modified to Swiss standards prior to registration.

Before an imported Car from USA, Canada or Europe can be registered in Switzerland it has to conform to Swiss standards and must undergo an Import technical and safety inspection (official Swiss DMV).

For this, technical regulations need to be followed (Certificate of first introduction to circulation, tyres, speedometer, exhaust maintenance document etc.)


Foreign motor vehicles and trailers must have a Swiss vehicle licence and Swiss licence plates when:

the location of the vehicle has been in Switzerland for more than a year without the interruption of three continuous months

the holder of the vehicle has been in Switzerland for more than one year without the interruption of three continuous months and has used the vehicle for more than one month

the holder of the vehicle has their legal residence in Switzerland and has spent less than twelve continuous months abroad and has used the vehicle in Switzerland for more than a month, etc....


Do you want to obtain SWISS PLATES and SWISS TiTLE "Fahrzeugausweis,Registration-Card" for your imported car?


We offer a professional and comprehensive service.

Our start to end service commences by picking up your car from the customs clearance to registering the vehicle including insurance and car license plates in all Swiss cantons.


Insuring an imported vehicle in Switzerland

In Switzerland, many insurance companies provide a variety of offers on car insurances. A layman who has no knowledge of car insurances will find this task daunting and virtually impossible to do.

For upscale and exclusive imported vehicles, there are different rates and premiums to look at, and in case of claims and loss, these vary as well.

We make a neutral and specific effort to provide you with an insurance policy with the best coverage for your car. We can provide this exceptional service as we work with several insurance companies and are able to obtain the best deals.  

This is a FREE SERVICE that we provide our clients.


If you are in need of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


Your reliable partner Autozulassung Team


M. Fayad & P. Leuenberger




Registration of Imported Vehicle with Licence Plates in all Swiss Cantons of Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein



Swiss Cantons list:

  • Kanton Aargau 
  • Kanton Appenzell
  • Kanton Ausserrhoden
  • Kanton Appenzell Innerrhoden   
  • Kanton Basel-Land 
  • Kanton Basel-Stadt 
  • Kanton Bern 
  • Kanton Freiburg
  • Kanton Genf 
  • Kanton Glarus 
  • Kanton Graubünden 
  • Kanton Jura 
  • Kanton Luzern
  • Kanton Neuenburg
  • Kanton Nidwalden
  • Kanton Obwalden
  • Kanton Schaffhausen 
  • Kanton Schwyz 
  • Kanton St. Gallen 
  • Kanton Solothurn 
  • Kanton Tessin 
  • Kanton Thurgau
  • Kanton Uri 
  • Kanton Waadt
  • Kanton Wallis
  • Kanton Zug
  • Kanton Zürich     

The Principality of Liechtenstein: 

  • Fürstentum Liechtenstein




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